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I like my beats fast and my bass down low...

31 July 1986
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Hey! My name is Tareva. Im a 24 year old female, who has a huge passion for TV. As you know.. this is my journal. ( Enter at your own risk ) I say this because basically it will soon be filled with my daily rantings about my favorite shows, characters, music, celebrities, books, and just my life in general. So Friend me and Enjoy!! As always comments are loved... they are what keeps me writting!

He and I had something beautiful
But so dysfunctional, it couldn't last
I loved him so but I let him go 'Cause I knew he'd never love me back
"Near To You" - A Fine Frenzy

so this is my
passionately intense soul

♥ What are My Obssesions...? ♥
90210, BH 90210, America’s Next Top Model, Big Brother, Brotheres and Sisters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Californication, Cougar Town Dawson's Creek, Dexter, Dirt, Everwood, Felicity, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Greys Anatomy, House, The Hills, Lost, Melrose Place, Melrose Place (original), Nip/Tuck, October Road, One Tree Hill, The Oc, Private Pactice, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Veronica Mars, Weeds, Will & Grace.

♥ Who do I Ship...? ♥
90210: Adrianna/Navid ♥ Teddy/Silver ♥ Naomi/Liam BH 90210: Kelly/Brandon ♥ Dylan/Brenda ♥ Valerie/David ♥ Donna/David Brothers & Sisters: Justin/Rebecca ♥ Kevin/Scotty ♥ Kitty/Robert ♥ Sarah/Luc BTVS: Spike/Buffy ♥ xander/anya ♥ Willow/tara ♥ Buffy/Angel(Sometimes) Californication: Hank/Karen ♥ Charlie/Marcy Cougar Town: Jules/Grayson ♥ Dawson's Creek: Joey/Pacey ♥ Jack/Jen Dexter: Deb/Quinn ♥ Dirt: Lucy/Holt Everwood: Amy/Ephram ♥ Andy/Nina ♥ Bright/Hannah Felicity: Felicity/Ben ♥ Felicity/Noel(sometimes) Friends: Rachel/Ross ♥ Chandler/Monica ♥ Phoebe/Mike ♥ Joey/Rachel(underated) Gilmore Girls: Luke/Lorelai ♥ Rory/Jess Gossip Girl: Blair/Chuck ♥ Serena/Nate ♥ Dan/Vannessa ♥ Serena/Dan Grey's Anatomy: Meredith/Derek ♥ Christina/Owen ♥ Mark/Lexie ♥ Alex/Izzie ♥ Callie/Arizona ♥ Alex/Lexie ♥ Mark/Callie House: Cuddy/House ♥ Thirteen/Foreman ♥ Chase/Cameron Lost: Sawyer/Kate ♥ Jack/Kate(sometimes) Melrose Place: Lauren/David ♥ Ella/Jonah ♥ Auggie/Violet ♥ Drew/??? Melrose Place (Original): Michael/Kimberly ♥ Amanda/Peter ♥ Jake/Jo ♥ Sydney/Craig ♥ Nip/Tuck: Christian/Kimber ♥ Sean/Julia ♥ Matt and Ava October Road: Nick/Hannah ♥ Eddie/Janet One Tree Hill: Brooke/Lucas ♥ Haley/Nathan ♥ Mouth/Millicent ♥ Peyton/Jake ♥ Brooke/Julian ♥ Lucas/Peyton(sometimes) The Oc: Marissa/Ryan ♥ Seth Summer Private Practice Pete/Addison ♥ Charlotte/Cooper ♥ Naomi/Fife ♥ Sam/Addison(sometimes) ♥ Pete/Violet(sometimes) The Vampire Diaries: Damon/Elena ♥ Matt/Caroline ♥ Elena/Stefan(sometimes) True Blood: Eric/Sookie ♥ Veronica Mars: Veronica/Logan ♥ Weeds: Andy/Nancy ♥.

♥ What do I listening to...? ♥
Anna Nalick, Azure Ray, Colbie Callat, Cold, Corinne Bailey Rae, Creed, Christina Aguilera, Dashboard Confessional, Evanescence, A Fine Frenzy, Florence + The Machine, The Fray, Fuel, Hinder, Imogen Heap, Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Kate Voegele, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Leona Naess, Lovedrug, Maria Taylor, Maroon 5, Mazzy Star, Michelle Featherstone, Mindy Smith, MoZella, Norah Jones, Oasis, One Republic, Paramore, Priscilla Ahn, Rachael Yamagata, Regina Spektor, Ryan Adams, Santigold, Sarah McLachlan, Staind, Strays Don’t Sleep, Susie Suh, Taylor Swift, The Pretty Reckless, Trespassers William.

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